Local man cures cancer with marijuana, now too lazy to leave couch and Xbox

DENVER, CO – Local cancer patient Leonard Nance, 33, has reportedly cured himself of thyroid.

Doctor gets taste of his own medicine, now cancer free

Local oncologist Dr. Wayne Harris recently finished his final round of chemotherapy and doctors have.

Man tries to live life avoiding anything that "may" cause cancer

Like all of us, Jeffrey Wilson wants to live a long a happy life, obviously.

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Local man rids body of tumor with nothing but essential oils…and surgery

Local man Gary Dierik is touting his victory over cancer as a miracle and crediting.

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Is Big Pharma hiding the cure for cancer?

With breast cancer awareness month upon us, the conspiracy theorists are out in full force.

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Breaking: World in shock as it learns someone lied on the internet

In a shocking blow to the human race and technology as a whole, it was.