Oncologist looking forward to getting no credit for patient who leaves chemo 1 session early to "go natural"

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PORTLAND, OR – Dr. James Pardy is reportedly looking forward to getting no credit from cancer patient Jenny Carrey, after she refused her last round of chemo and decided to fight cancer “naturally”.

Dr. Pardy successfully operated on Carrey last year, removing her entire tumor. Carrey then did several weeks of follow up chemotherapy and doctors said there were no more signs of cancer in her body. Carrey has now decided she is going to fight the rest of her battle with natural medicine and yoga.

“I feel so much better now than I ever have,” explained Carrey. “I’m eating non-GMO, organic food, doing yoga everyday, listening to everything the Food Babe and Natural News says, I’ve really turned my life around.”

Carrey told reporters that she credits her new found diet and lifestyle for beating cancer, not the surgical removal of her tumor and the chemotherapy.

“I beat cancer. It feels amazing to say that. The fact that I beat it naturally is something I am very proud of. I’m currently working on a website and book deal about my success story: a young woman who was told she had a cancerous tumor, gets tumor surgically removed, goes through chemo, then cures her cancer naturally.”


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