New study: A GMO apple a day will help keep the doctor away, but will also give you cancer

gmo apple

A new study issued by the consumer advocacy group Natural is Always Better Inc. (NIABI) claims that GMO apples will still help keep the doctor away, but will also give you cancer. With the release of new non-browning apples as well as reports of watermelon-sized apples on the horizon, the group wanted to make sure everyone knew the dangers associated with the GMO fruit.

“We know that eating an apple a day can help keep you healthy, but we also know if that apple happens to be a GMO you will also get cancer,” said Julie Harpur, anti-GMO advocate. “While technically we have no proof that GMOs are dangerous, it only makes sense that people should avoid them and pay more money for organic and non-GMO food.”

GMO apples, according to NIABI, are full of foreign DNA – possibly from immigrants or even animals.

“These scientists don’t even know what they are putting into our food,” said one NIABI member. “They just splice genes, add in random ones, do whatever they want until they can make the food different. In most cases, they add cancer to them as well.”

NIABI also contends that all GMO foods are soaked for weeks in cancer-causing Round-Up, while organic fruit is never touched by pesticides and is only sprinkled with dreams and rainbows.

Harpur asks: “What would you rather eat: a frankenfood full of random DNA or a natural apple which was harvested under a rainbow? I think the answer is pretty obvious.”


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