Man declared cancer free after switching to GMO diet, doctors amazed

LOS ANGELES, CA – Frank Garber, 45, was recently declared cancer free after his latest scan found no traces of the disease.  Garber was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and given only 18 months to live. He cut out organic food, homeopathy, marijuana, increased his intake of GMO food and is now cancer free.

“It’s a miracle I’m still alive,” said Garber. “I had no idea things like organic food, homeopathy and weed could be causing my cancer.”

Garber had been on his last round of chemotherapy following his second successful surgery when he decided to make the lifestyle changes.

“This is something that Big Alternative doesn’t want you to know,” said woke warrior Dave. “This is another example of someone making simple lifestyle changes and curing themselves of cancer unnaturally.”

Many people believe that cancer is all just a big scam and can be cured by GMO foods or even vaccines.

“I know of another person who after getting their flu vaccine was completely cancer free at their next screening. I mean yah, they also were having chemo and radiation but I know it was the vaccine that made all the difference,” explained Dave.

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