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Area man dies of cancer despite smoking marijuana, naturopaths baffled

VANCOUVER, BC – Area man Ron Hill, 61, died this week from a brain tumor,.

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All patients in new vaccine trial have cancer, trial allowed to continue anyway

LONDON, UK – A trial for a new vaccine is underway in England and the.

Woman cures cancer with nothing but positive thoughts, yoga and conventional medicine

SANTA FE, NM – In a stunning medical miracle, Rebecca Gomez has reportedly been declared.

Man beats self-diagnosed cancer naturally, currently booking speaking engagements

SPOKANE, WA – Local entrepreneur David Loup has reportedly finally found something that will make.

Holiday coffee enemas a must have gift for morons this year

NORTH POLE – While many mainstream, conventional doctors and patients have a hard time understanding.

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Woman beats cancer with nothing but surgery and chemotherapy, naturopaths astounded

HERTFORDSHIRE, UK – A woman who claims to have beaten cancer with nothing more than.