science, health, satire, vaccines.
Parents really confused after meeting daughter’s new homeopath boyfriend

LEXINGTON, KY – Peter and Rosie Sallinger were excited to meet their daughter Kelsey’s new.

Science, Vaccines, Med School, Satire
The pros and cons of using homeopathy

The Science Post looks a few pros and cons of using magic water homeopathy. PROS.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Man gets attacked by shark while wearing David Wolfe’s shark repelling bracelet, experts baffled

AUSTRALIA – Local diver Gil Lacroix was swimming off Australia’s south coast when he was.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
50,000 Pokemon Go characters magically fit into new Ark Encounter Museum

LEXINGTON, KY – The New Ark Encounter Museum in Northern Kentucky is drawing dozens of.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
“Shake it off” and “Walk it off” only health advice dad knows

CLEVELAND, OH – Local dad Neil Walker, 52, admits that his entire medical knowledge boils.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Anti-vaccer rushed to hospital after attempting complicated biostatistics formula without proper training

LOS ANGELES, CA – Mel Smallwood, 37, was rushed to UCLA Medical Center earlier this.

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