Local man fed up with mainstream media, strictly reading Info Wars, Natural News from now on

DOVER, IN – Local man Gary Harold, 37, has had enough of the mainstream media not telling him what he wants to hear so he has decided to exclusively get his news from sites like Info Wars and Natural News.

Several of Harold’s friends and family warned him against the move, as sites like that tend to have their own biases when reporting their “news”.

“I’m so sick of the mainstream media never reporting any conspiracy theories, the dangers of GMOs, the link between vaccines and autism, any of that stuff,” explained Harold. “They are so scared to report the real troof, its embarrassing. From now on its nothing but alternative media for this cat.”

While his friends and family are against the move, Harold has received many positive reviews about his decision from the members of his Facebook conspiracy groups.

“Frankly, I’m surprised it took him this long to wake up,” said Jeremy Campbell, conspiracy theorist and parent basement dweller. “I haven’t read anything from the mainstream media in years and I’ve never been more awake. Everything I want confirmation on I can find now in the click of a button.”

Several people have become fed up with some sites seemingly glossing over conspiracy theories and only reporting on things like facts.

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