Detroit man has been taking homeopathic medicine by accident for over 20 years

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Brad Smith from Detroit, Michigan never meant to take homeopathic medicine. “I’ve never bought any homeopathic medicine, ever. So imagine my surprise when I found out I had been taking it for almost my whole life without even knowing it.”

Smith was surfing the Internet recently when he stumbled across an article on homeopathic medicine. After only minutes of reading, he discovered that it turns out homeopathic medicine is nothing more than water. The very thing Smith has been drinking for over 20 years.

“I was shocked” explained Smith. “I feel like I was tricked. No one ever told me that medicine was coming out of my tap.”

This is not an isolated case. The Spudd has learned of literally millions of people who are experiencing the same shocking revelation as Smith. Please mind what you drink, as you may become another victim of accidental homeopathy.

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