Study shows less than half of anti-GMO advocates actually know what a GMO is

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CAMBRIDGE, MA – A recent study by the Harvard School of Agriculture shows that less than half of people who identify as “anti-GMO” actually know the science behind GMOs.

“We studied over 1300 individuals who self-identified as being against the use of GMO crops,” explained principal investigator Dr. William Hunting. “We were shocked to find out than over 700 of them could not answer even the simplest questions about GMO science.”

The researchers asked some very basic questions concerning the use of GMO seeds and true or false questions in a validated questionnaire.  Many respondents believed that Monsanto was actually run by the Iluminati and that GMO food has NEVER been studied.

“We even showed them the studies showing GMO foods are safe, but almost all 700 of them said they didn’t believe them” said Hunting.

Other facts that most respondents got incorrect was around the use of pesticides and herbicides with GMO crops.

“They can show me all the “studies” and “science” they want, I KNOW that GMO crops are covered in pesticides and chemicals, and organic crops have never been sprayed” said anti-biotech, anti-GMO, pro GMO-labeling advocate Brennan Huff.

The researchers concluded that no matter how much evidence and studies anti-GMO advocates are shown, they will almost certainly never chaneg their minds.

“We see this same type of thing with anti-vaccine zealots” said Hunting. “Any evidence supporting their point of view is proof of a conspiracy, any evidence against their point of view is proof of a conspiracy, and even no evidence against their point of view is proof of a conspiracy.”

The study will be published in next month’s issue of Annals of GMO Shilling.

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