Study: Naturopaths and homeopaths refer to themselves as "doctor" more than doctors

NEW YORK, NY – A recent study by Columbia University has revealed that naturopaths and homeopaths refer to themselves as “doctor” far more often that their MD (real doctors) counterparts do.

“We looked at social media, advertising and social interactions among the three groups” explained principal investigator David Bayyer, PhD. “We found that naturopaths and homeopaths were nearly 4 times more likely to refer to themselves as ‘doctor’.”

The study examined social media (Facebook and Twitter) and found a shockingly high number of pseudo-doctors refer to themselves numerous times as doctor.

“A lot of them had it in their Facebook name and bio. On Twitter, we saw a huge number using the term “Doctor” or “Dr.” in their Twitter handle, username and biography.”

The researchers also used hidden microphones at numerous dinner parties attended by the three groups and found that on average, naturopaths and homeopaths averaged just under 4 seconds of conversation before mentioning they were “doctors”. Many of the medical doctor group did not mention it at all.

The researchers next plan on looking at women who had homebirths.


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