Religious family refuses to believe vaccines are safe until they see “hard evidence”

Religious family refuses to believe vaccines are safe until they see “hard evidence”

HOUSTON, TX – A local family spoke with Fox News Houston this week saying they are not convinced vaccines are safe, as they lack any concrete evidence.

“There just isn’t enough proof for me to have faith in vaccines,” explained mother Meghan Reimer. “Maybe if there was an old book saying they are safe or something like that, then maybe I would believe it.”

The Heimers are all completely unvaccinated and both of their children are home-schooled. Both kids have also battled through the mumps and pertussis as toddlers.

“Joshua is such a fighter. He made it through his bout with Pertussis with almost no permanent damage,” bragged Meghan. “Some people in our church have vaccinated their kids which to me is crazy. There isn’t even a book written thousands of years ago telling them to do it. Why would you ever do something like that? Crazy!”

The Heimers insist they are simply being thorough and don’t want to believe in something without proper, scientific evidence.

“There are two things I know for sure in this world: following the word of God is the only way to live your life, and there is notenough evidence out there to convince me vaccines are safe.”


  • Jayson

    Reading that made my throw up a little in my mouth.

    Child services need to step in and take the kids away. They are the epitomy of irresponsible parenting. Take the kids for their safety.

    • Chris

      Go to the bottom of the page, and read what is written on the right hand side.

      Of course, this is based on lots of stories, some that you can read at . The host of that page is mentioned on the first page of Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine by Paul Offit.

    • Ken S., As Seen On Watch Lists

      For some reason, the phrase “child services” made me think of the little rascals dressed up in suits with little government IDs.

    • Sleepdust

      If you can’t figure out that this is a satirical article, I’d recommend calling child services for the sake of your own children’s future.