Online petition demands GMO labeling and natural health products to remain untested

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NEW YORK, NY – In an online petition started on, over 10,000 people have put their name down in support of GMO labeling and natural health products remaining untested.

“The FDA needs to step up and do their job and that means mandatory labeling of all GMOs,” said Jenny Grainger, anti-GMO advocate. “At the same time, the FDA needs to mind their own business when it comes to natural health products, dietary supplements and miracle cures.”

In a seemingly contradictory view, a large portion of the US population both demand mandatory labeling of GMOs and non-labeling of natural health products.

“It is a bit strange that people are so angry and outraged at the whole GMO labeling issue and then in the same breath get angry when anyone suggests that dietary supplements and natural health products should be labeled with what ingredients they contain and what testing (or lack thereof) they have gone through,” said Kevin Sapathy, Monsanto paid shill. “But then again, no one ever accused anti-GMO and anti-Monsanto advocates of being overly bright.”

Several non-respected pseudo-celebrities have signed the petition as well including V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai (who claims to have invented the US Postal Service), Fran Dresher (actress or something), and Nassim Taleb (not sure what he does).

The petition claims that if they get enough signatures, they can convince the government of their anti-GMO conspiracies.


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