New anti-vaccine school to officially open next fall

DENVER, CO – A new private school solely for unvaccinated children is set to officially open next fall in Denver, Colorado. The school, Denver Technical and Private (DTaP) has been unofficially teaching students for the last year; although due to the high amount of missed days due to illness, the school was unable to open officially.

There are 10 “teachers” committed to full-time positions next year, 7 of them having honed their teaching skills while home schooling their own children. Parents are over the moon with excitement of the possibility of their children being able to go to school and not have to worry about them catching diseases from vaccinated children through “virus shedding”.

“I can’t believe it’s finally here. We’ve been asking for this for years – don’t put our children at risk by bringing your healthy, vaccinated child around” explains Donna Nickels, mother of measles survivor Joseph, 7.

“I think another great advantage to a system like this is the shorter wait times for children to get in compared to other private schools” explains Sherry Fivepenny, headmaster of the new school. “With so many of the children having to be hospitalized or even dying due to vaccine preventable diseases, there are always spaces opening up.”

The school is fully funded through selling herbal supplements and alternative medicines via the school’s website.


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