CDC quietly admits vaccines cause antibodies

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ATLANTA, GA – Fresh on the heals of the SB277 ordeal and the CDC whistleblower scandal, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) have quietly admitted that vaccines cause antibodies. Several anti-vaccine blogs and websites have picked up the story and ran with it.

“Of course this will never be picked up by the mainstream media, they are all bought and paid for by Big Pharma,” said glorified blogger and conspiracy theorist Jacob Crosbi. “Why would anyone put something in their body that causes ANTI-bodies? It makes no sense.”

The CDC insists that “Your body can make antibodies in two ways: by getting the disease or by getting the vaccine. Getting the vaccine is a much safer way to make antibodies without having the suffering of the disease itself and the risk of becoming disabled or even dying.”

According the Crosbi and other anti-vaccine, anti-science websites, the CDC conveniently omits the FACT that vaccines can also make you sick with a bevy of other illnesses such as cancer, MS, and of course autism.

“The sheep will continue to roll up their sleeves and believe whatever the CDC and mainstream media tells them. A few us are awake and spreading the truth” said Crosbi.

When reached for comment the CDC said they have no problem with people spreading the news that vaccines cause antibodies. Again, the CDC is showing a callous disregard for our children.


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