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Merck CEO takes one for the team and reduces own salary to only $20 million

NEW YORK, NY – Merck Pharmaceuticals president and CEO James Carrey announced today that –.

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Big Pharma executive proposes vaccine which doesn’t cause autism, immediately fired

NEW HAVEN, CT – An executive with the pharmaceutical giant GSK recently proposed the company.

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New study shows marijuana users significantly healthier than non-marijuana users

DENVER, CO – A new study just released by the University of Colorado shows that.

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Merck and Monsanto talking merge in hopes of streamlining cancer and autism

NEW YORK, NY – In a breaking story which happened behind closed doors over the.

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Big Pharma facing shortage of fetuses to make vaccines with, report shows

NEW HAVEN, CT – Several pharmaceutical companies are reporting that their stocks of aborted fetuses.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
New chemical-free vaccine enters phase III testing, CDC confirms

ATLANTA, GA – A new vaccine which is completely devoid of chemicals has entered the third phase of clinical testing, the CDC confirmed to The Spudd Times this morning.