Breaking: Anti-vaccers are actually paid Pharma Shills

Breaking: Anti-vaccers are actually paid Pharma Shills

In what is sure to send shockwaves through both the pro-vaccine/pro-science side of the non-existent vaccine debate and the anti-vaccine propagandists, The Spudd has learned that most if not all anti-vaccers are actually bought and paid for by Big Pharma. An anti-vaccine whistleblower recently spoke to The Spudd and we recorded his conversations without his knowledge. What we learned will shock you.

The whistleblower, Bill Thomson, PhD, confirmed that people who post anti-vaccine comments, create anti-vaccine Facebook pages, anti-vaccine blogs, etc. are actually paid by Big Pharma to promote their nonsense. It turns out that Big Pharma wants people to get vaccine-preventable diseases in order to maximize profits. For example, they make a lot more money off treating a child with the measles than they do from the vaccine (and preventing the disease altogether).

“This has been going on for years if not decades,” said Dr. Thomson. “We have anti-vaccers planted everywhere: Congress, former CBS reporters, discredited doctors, good-looking babes who talk about food, the list goes on.”

It is a common ploy of the anti-vaccers to call anyone who is pro-vaccine a “Pharma Shill”, the irony of which is not lost on Dr. Thomson. “Haha” he laughs. “That’s one of their proudest accomplishments. Getting people to believe that the pro-vaccine people are the Pharma Shills.”

Of course the anti-vaccers will never admit to this and the mainstream media will most certainly not pick it up. There is a Twitter party planned for tomorrow night with the hashtag #bigpharmawhistleblower in hopes of getting the word out.

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  • Rationalist

    Superbly done.

  • Zerock22

    What evidence do you have to support this claim?

  • Jonathan Kent

    In agreement with Zerock22, this is just a story to me. The story mentions:

    and we recorded his conversations without his knowledge

    So then where is the recording? I can’t give this anymore credit than I would a faith healing article.

  • Ben Morrison

    I would like to see a full transcript.

  • Not that I would be particularly surprised by the idiotic actions of anti-vaxxers or the amoral greed-driven nonsense of pharmaceutical companies. But this reads like an episode of The X Files.

    • jdcamerone

      NO, I do not work for a pharmaceutical company. I am a veterinarian in private practice, and I know how many millions of dollars worth of rabies vaccine, ivermectin, and other pharmaceuticals are donated world-wide by veterinary pharmaceutical companies. I’m not saying Big Pharma doesn’t want to make money, but to casually include all of them in the sweeping classification of “amoral greed-driven” is just plain wrong. Here’s ONE small example, worth about $500 million in donations: I’m not sure why the link doesn’t work, but it does copy and paste.

      • I stand by my statement. Not that they aren’t a necessary evil. Those pills help a lot of people. But they’re still evil.

        • jdcamerone

          Your response does not even make sense.

          • Yes it does. You’re just a dumb bass.

  • spongebillybob

    Though I understand that this is satire, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • War Tortoise

      It’s pretty clever lol

  • Warren Lauzon

    I know it’s true, because I get massive shill-bucks from BOTH sides (under different names of course). By next year I should have enough money to take a vacation with Food Babe…

    • Beep Boop Bob

      Actually had a good laugh at this. Thank you. X3

  • Andy Smith

    You fooled me. I was pissed for a minute…..

  • Beep Boop Bob

    10/10 Now we wait for Poe’s law to kick in.

  • jdcamerone

    This is outstanding. Thank you for ridiculing those in need of ridiculing.

  • John

    No Sir you are paid by big pharma. lol this article is imbecilic. 0,01% people, vaccinated or not, get measles but 95% get vaccines, do your math. cost of one dose * 20 dose per person * 7 billion people = 1000 quintillion dollars. Not to mention profit from autoimmune incurable diseases caused by vaccination.

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  • Jorge Marquez

    I remember, back in the summer of ’36. We were out by the corn silo, sippin’ on pa’s shine and tokin’ a reefer, when men in suits walked up to us and said, “Hey, you kids want to earn a dime?” Corporate shilling was born. That afternoon, we logged onto Myspace (the primitive Facebook for all you younguns), and started shillin’ away. Oh, ’twas a beaut! Idiots from all over started to believe! Then we moved to Facebook, and from there, an ultra paranoid version of Facebook called: WorldTruth. Now those folks took the message and ran with it! This “satire” is only satire, if you believe it is satire. This post will net me a cool grand. America!