Big Pharma applauds EpiPen price hike, looks to expand same tactic to vaccines

NEW YORK, NY – The recent price hike in EpiPens, up nearly 400% in price.

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Big Pharma debuts latest revenue killer, aka a new vaccine

NEW HAVEN, CT – Merck Pharmaceuticals has announced the release of a new and improved.

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Breaking: Big Pharma to stop making vaccines; anti-vaccers and diseases everywhere rejoice

NEW YORK, NY – In a breaking story you won’t read anywhere else because we.

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Oncologist looking forward to getting no credit for patient who leaves chemo 1 session early to "go natural"

PORTLAND, OR – Dr. James Pardy is reportedly looking forward to getting no credit from.

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Leaked documents show several anti-vaccers on Big Pharma payroll

In an explosive story obtained exclusively by The Science Post, several prominent anti-vaccers were discovered.

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Merck CEO takes one for the team and reduces own salary to only $20 million

NEW YORK, NY – Merck Pharmaceuticals president and CEO James Carrey announced today that –.