Pharma Shills threatening to strike

on strike

NEW YORK, NY – Local 277 who represents Pharma Shills worldwide, is threatening to strike if a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached with Big Pharma. Pharma Shills are employed by numerous pharmaceutical companies to search the internet for any and all articles related to vaccines, alternative medicine and miracle cures and post scripted comments.

“We have a had a very tough year, and Big Pharma better step up to the plate” said union president Orac. “Between the ongoing work to cover up the vaccine-autism link, to posting harassing comments against Food Babe, it has really been a busy year for the shills.”

Pharma Shills are asking for a 10% pay raise per comment posted and are also demanding that they receive the same non-autism-causing vaccines that the 1% and their families get.

“We don’t think we are asking for anything unreasonable” explained Orac. “It is a lot of work to constantly spread the lies of Big Pharma and deny all the legitimate cancer fighting miracle cures.”

Big Pharma has until midnight this Wednesday to table a response.

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