Anti-vaccer truly believes he won argument on Facebook by citing Natural News

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Local anti-vaccer Jay Wilson is giving himself a much-deserved pat on the back today after destroying a pro-vaccine sheep in a comment war on Facebook. The argument began when Wilson claimed that most doctors are actually against vaccines and don’t vaccinate themselves or their families.

That is when John Sunderland, an epidemiologist, asked him for proof of his claim.

“I actually wrote LOL at first,” explained Wilson. “Like he truly believes doctors use vaccines. I sent him a link to Vax Truth and thought that was it.”

According to sources, that was far from “it”.

Sunderland came back refuting the source, saying it was a survey of known anti-vaccine doctors and not representative of doctors as a whole.

“This guy just wouldn’t give up,” said Wilson. “So I had to hit him hard. I posted 7 links to Green Med Info, Collective Evolution, Sherri Tenpenny, WhaleTo and then my coup de grace, Natural News: the most respected science website on the planet.”

Wilson then logged off Facebook and went to heal himself of all illnesses by smoking a joint. Little did he know that Sunderland, like a true vaccine bully, had debunked every single one of the links he had posted.

As of right now, Wilson has only responded to the criticism of his links/evidence with one word: sheep.


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