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Breaking: Santa delivering presents to only vaccinated children

NORTH POLE – The North Pole Press Association has announced that due to the increase.

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Anti-GMO activist worried GMO labeling could extend to natural health products as well

SANTA FE, NM – All natural health and wellness chakra reike practitioner Shawn Tiger is.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
New-Age Healing Bookstore not planning to add a humor section

“None of those crystal books or that Chopra crap were remotely funny.”

Child completely unaware her parents are anti-vaccine morons

SANTA FE, NM – Ella Neil, 2, is a happy go lucky child living blissfully.

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Breaking: New study shows cannabis cures boredom

NEW YORK, NY – Scientists at Columbia University in New York City released the results.

Woman cures cancer with nothing but positive thoughts, yoga and conventional medicine

SANTA FE, NM – In a stunning medical miracle, Rebecca Gomez has reportedly been declared.