Breaking: Santa delivering presents to only vaccinated children

NORTH POLE – The North Pole Press Association has announced that due to the increase in vaccine-preventable diseases this past year, Santa will only be delivering presents to vaccinated children’s houses.

“Santa is getting older and we can’t have him being exposed to all kinds of disease, especially this time of year,” explained Buddy the Elf. “The last thing we want is Santa getting pertussis or influenza from an unvaccinated child.”

While pro-science people the world over are supporting the move, anti-vaccine groups were quick to jump on the story claiming that Kris Kringle had been bought by Big Pharma.

“He is clearly in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. This is really sad, but shows just how far reaching the tentacles of the vaccine industry can reach,” said Sherry Fivenickle.

Some parents are reportedly rushing to get their children vaccinated before Christmas in order to ensure their kids are both protected from disease and have some presents under the tree.


  • Lisa

    shame on you for using Santa to sell vaccines

  • Mysti

    A whole new low for the poison pushers.

  • Rachael Sturgess

    hahahahahahahaha… and remember vaccines Cause autism.

  • I definitely think it’s unfair to unvaccinated children, because it’s not their fault if their parents didn’t vaccinate them. Santa could wear a protective suit, like they do for treating Ebola patients, and not make these kids suffer… By the way, I Googled North American Press Association and got 1,840,000 hits, so I could be sure it was a real association

    • An excellent point. Hopefully Santa can figure something out.