YouTube, Google, top list of universities attended by anti-vaccers

google university

NEW YORK, NY – In a recent study of anti-vaccine education and alma maters, Google University and The YouTube Institute of Technology (YIT) came out on top.

“Google University had the largest graduate pool, with nearly 60% of anti-vaccers graduating from there,” said principal investigator Dr. Mike Grainger. “YIT came in second with 23%, followed by community colleges (13%), and then finally regular colleges and universities (4%).”

What this shows, say researchers, is how anti-vaccine advocates often think outside the box and won’t be indoctrinated by state run colleges and universities which brainwash people into sheep who follow the status quo.

“I graduated with a bachelors, masters and PhD from Google,” said Jenny McCarthy. “If anyone should be called ‘doctor’, it’s me. I know more about medicine, health, nutrition, immunology and epidemiology than maybe anyone I know. Except perhaps for a few homeopaths and Reiki masters I hang out with.”

Several anti-vaccine advocates are petitioning to have degrees from Google and YouTube officially accredited so they can legitimize their educations.

“Googling and watching videos on YouTube takes more time than going to Harvard or Princeton or somewhere like that,” said recent graduate Lou Parks. “I have spent thousands of hours doing research and learning the truth behind vaccines and Big Pharma. The fact that “they” refuse to recognize that as a legitimate form of higher education just shows how corrupt the system is.”

Several graduates are planning to protest outside the headquarters of the Council of Higher Education Accreditation over the next few days, provided they can take the time out of their busy summer semesters.


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