Young girl breaks arm just months after getting HPV vaccine, doctors refuse to call it a vaccine injury

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PITTSBURGH, PA – The parents of 13 year-old Jessica Jones are sharing the truly horrific story of their daughter’s vaccine injury in hopes of getting the word out about the horrors of the HPV vaccine.

Jessica was an active 13 year-old who loved playing soccer and dance. Until she got her HPV vaccine.

“She got her vaccine in May,” her mother Sarah recalls. “It was in early July that we noticed she was showing signs of a vaccine injury.”

The harrowing tale begins when just months after getting her HPV vaccine, Gardasil, Jessica began not wanting her parents to come into her room, refusing to let her mother read her text messages and being moody and tired.

Then just last week the unthinkable happened:

“While on the soccer field, Jessica stepped awkwardly on the ball and fell and broke her arm. It was horrible. We immediately brought her to the hospital where the doctor gave her a cast and refused to even listen to us when we brought up vaccines.”

This was no surprise to the anti-vaccine community, who are all too familiar with mainstream doctors flippant attitude towards vaccine injuries.

“Here is a perfectly healthy teenage girl who gets her vaccine, and then just months later starts to act moody and then even breaks her arm? You’re telling me this has nothing to do with vaccines???” said Sherri Tenpenny, a non-published osteopath and self proclaimed expert on vaccines. “It’s amazing how brainwashed these doctors are by their Big Pharma overlords.”

The Jones’ are planning on taking Jessica’s case to the vaccine court in hopes of getting no less than $2 million for her injuries.


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