WHO picking the top 5 internet commenters to help them fight Zika


GENEVA – The World Health Organization has made good on their promise to look to internet commenters to help them figure out how to fight the Zika virus. The organization announced today that they have narrowed down their search to the top five comments on the internet and are in the process of contacting the people responsible to get their expertise.

“Usually we just fear monger and then pretend we all of a sudden have a vaccine, as if we haven’t had one all along,” said WHO spokesman Dr. Richard Franklin. “But this time we really want to reach out to the internet as it is clear they all know more than us.”

The top five comments the WHO has selected are:











“As you can see, we are narrowing down our research to pesticides, GMO mosquitoes and vaccines,” said Dr. Franklin. “We hope with the help of these very brave and very intelligent commenters, we can together defeat Zika and save untold numbers of children from harm.”

The internet commenters are expected to be flown to Geneva sometime this week for the meeting, ironically in a plane known to spray chemtrails.


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