The Monsanto Minute: They are controlling you right now


Thanks for clicking to read this article. Did you know Monsanto made you do that? Are you chuckling right now or scoffing at that idea? Monsanto made you do that too. Even as your eyes scan this page, moving from left to right to read the words, Monsanto is secretly controlling your every movement, thought, and action. When you finally stop reading, it will be because Monsanto has decided you have read enough.

—– Leaked Monsanto documents reveal falling in vat of Round-Up dangerous —–

According to leaked internal documents from Monsanto, falling into an industrial size vat of boiling Round-Up is universally fatal for both animals and humans. Jeffrey Shiva, head of the organization “GMO No No No,” who reviewed the documents, said that they reveal the shocking truth that boiling hot pesticide is “universally fatal to all life” after only minutes of exposure.

According to Shiva, the documents reveal that since 2000, over 1,000 rats and 2 humans have fallen into the liquid and none are known to have survived. “If it’s not safe to fall into a massive tub of the boiling liquid,” he said, “how can it be safe to spray on our food?”

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