Study Finds Majority of Men Who Rate Themselves 7s Are Actually 5s (At Most)

According to a recent study, most men who rate themselves 7s are actually 5s or.

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Study: Excessive masturbation may protect against the flu

A new study released today from JAMA, The Journal of the American Masturbation Association, concluded that people who excessively masturbate are less likely to contract influenza.

Gay minister refuses to marry straight couple

AUSTIN, TX – Minister Robbie Tobin of Austin, Texas has found himself in hot water.

Study: 86% of girls who get HPV vaccine will end up having sex within the next 10 years

A new study out of Brigham Young University concludes that the HPV vaccine is a.

New female Viagra being used by high school girls…getting disappointed by teenage boys at record pace

The newest drug to hit the market for women is Flibanserin, the female version of.

Interns at local hospital forced to watch episodes of Grey's Anatomy

SANTA FE, NM – Physicians at Santa Fe General Hospital are making first year interns.