Study: 86% of girls who get HPV vaccine will end up having sex within the next 10 years

A new study out of Brigham Young University concludes that the HPV vaccine is a gateway vaccine to sex for young girls. Lead researcher Dr. Connie Servative told The Spudd “We have hypothesized for a long time that the HPV vaccine leads to promiscuity among younger women and this study proves just that.”

The study looked at over 2400 young woman aged 13-19 who received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine since 2007. The woman were then asked if they have ever had sex or plan to have sex within ten years of getting the vaccine. A shocking 86% said yes.

Well critics of the study argue that the methods of the study are quite poor, and both length-time bias and confirmation bias run rampant through the study, anti-vaccine zealots on jumping on the news and spreading it widely.

“We always knew the HPV vaccine killed or injured almost everyone who got it, now we know that even if the vaccine recipient manages to beat the odds and survive getting the vaccine, they will immediately be turned into a sex-crazed young women” said Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, long-time anti-vaccine cult member and power suit connoisseur.

The study is being largely ignored by the mainstream media as per usual.


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