Interns at local hospital forced to watch episodes of Grey's Anatomy

SANTA FE, NM – Physicians at Santa Fe General Hospital are making first year interns watch entire seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in hopes that it will make the interns want to sleep with them.

“There is a lot more sex in Grey’s Anatomy than in real life” explained neurosurgeon Dr. Mike Fontaine. “We hope that if the interns watch enough episodes, they may think it is normal to sleep with your bosses.”

While many see the move as inappropriate, the hospital is defending it’s new intimacy program.

“Anything that will help bring our doctors closer together is always encouraged” said hospital administrator Lauren Diaz. “If they become romantically involved, that is OK…provided we don’t run into a Burke/Yang type of situation.”

So far the intimacy program seems to be working, as a reported 4 interns have had sexual relations with their superiors.

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