Gay minister refuses to marry straight couple

AUSTIN, TX – Minister Robbie Tobin of Austin, Texas has found himself in hot water with the conservative right after word got out that he refused to marry a straight couple out of a deep personal belief. The law now states that officiants cannot refuse to allow any couple (straight or gay) to marry.

“I don’t care what the law says, I have always been and will always be against straight marriage” said a defiant Tobin. “It’s what I believe is right and what I believe He would want me to do.”

The conservative suburb of Austin where the couple, Brad and Amanda Filion, live is very upset.

“This is a crime against God and the constitution!” said Brad’s father, Wyatt. “I have half a mind to go down there and give that jerk a piece of my mind, just like I did to Bradley’s school teacher years back when he tried to tell my son some hogwash about evolution.”

The couple in question was apparently only given Tobin as a last minute replacement for their ceremony and were reportedly not very happy that “one of those gay priest guys” would be marrying them. Some believe Tobin overheard the conversation and that is why he refused.


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