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Naturopath gets in over his head when pilot asks if anyone on board is a doctor

PHOENIX, AZ – On a recent flight from Washington to Phoenix, naturopath Josh Axxe jumped.

alt med
American Society of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (A SCAM) ranks top 10 achievements in medical history

The American Society of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (A SCAM) came out with their list.

Essential oils just as effective as placebo at treating infections, study finds

PHOENIX, AZ – In a new study coming out of the University of Arizona, researchers.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health becomes the NCAA (National Center for Ambiguous Adjectives)

Bethesda, MD – In an ongoing effort to be the P Diddy of the NIH,.

Breaking News: Parachutes NOT 100% safe and effective, study finds

In a stunning report released today, it was announced that parachutes are not 100% foolproof..

Anti-vaccine chiropractor refuses to give Heimlich to stranger in restaurant, insists choking is natural

In a bizarre story coming out of Los Angeles this morning, anti-vaccine chiropractor Billy DeMoss.

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