Naturopath gets in over his head when pilot asks if anyone on board is a doctor

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PHOENIX, AZ – On a recent flight from Washington to Phoenix, naturopath Josh Axxe jumped out of his seat when the captain asked if anyone on board was a doctor. A passenger near the rear of the plan had begun seizing and was unconscious on the floor. The passenger also had a deep laceration on her forehead after hitting it on the seat while falling down.

According to reports, Mr. Axxe laid the patient, 30-year old Genna Hill, on her back and asked someone to get him his carry-on bag. He apparently tried applying several different essential oils to the patient with no success. It was at this point that Axxe declared the patient’s chakras were completely out of sync and he needed healing crystals stat.

“No one really knew what he was talking about,” said one passenger. “He kept asking for healing rocks and muttering about subluxations or something.”

Eventually one of the other passengers, a medical receptionist, mentioned to Mr. Axxe that maybe he should apply some pressure to her head wound to help stop the bleeding. She also told Axxe that he shouldn’t move her neck around so much and perhaps move her onto her side. It was at this point that Axxe sank back onto his heels and declared “I think we lost her.”

Moments later the woman came to and slowly sat up with help from the medical receptionist, who was holding a towel on her head wound.

According to witnesses, Axxe then rushed in and helped the woman to her seat, explaining that he had probably just saved her life.


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