Syrian refugees acclimatizing well to North America, already hate anti-vaccers

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TORONTO, ON – Several Syrian refugee families have began their new lives in America and Canada, and are reportedly acclimatizing quite well.

Reports indicate they are settling in and getting used to the harsh winter as well as developing a disdain for anti-vaccine zealots.

“I love it here in Canada, everyone is very nice. Except I am very surprised by how many people seem to be against science,” said Mr. Ranim, a Syrian arriving in Toronto, Canada through a translator. “I can’t understand why they feel they are more educated than doctors and scientists and would put their children in harms way on purpose.”

Several families have begun settling in with their new families, despite many objectors including Donald Trump and racists.

The Spudd Times has also learned that several anti-vaccine groups are trying to lure the refugees to adopt their anti-science views.

“These people are fresh and new to the western world and western medicine. It is a great opportunity to sway them to the side of the anti-vaccine movement,” said Joel Gooding, anti-science advocate.


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