Scientists confirm apple bitten by Snow White was a GMO, Witch worked for Monsanto

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In a breaking story you won’t read anywhere else, The Spudd has learned that the poison apple Snow White was tricked into eating was actually a genetically modified organism made by Monsanto.

The Witch (who was actually the Queen in disguise) also has ties to Monsanto – having worked there briefly in her twenties.

“We can confirm now that the poison apple ingested by Snow White was in fact genetically modified,” said researcher Walter Bisney. “We also managed to ascertain that the Witch was a former Monsanto employee and had stolen the poisonous GMO apple from the headquarters of the evil corporation before leaving the company.”

This doesn’t bode well for Monsanto, who is already considered the most evil company in the world. The CEO of Monsanto, Lucifer Diablo, told reporters “there is nothing to this story, be gone from my lair!” before breathing fire towards the crowd of reporters.

At last report, the seven dwarfs are planning a class action lawsuit against the company with the support of March Against Monsanto who fully believes this story.


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