Patient caught stealing medicine from homeopaths office

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CALGARY, AB – Healthy Green Living Clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is furious at a patient who was caught stealing medicine from the clinic. Albert Bridge, 32, went to the clinic for his back pain after he read online that homeopathy can cure anything.

“I went into the clinic and took a seat in the waiting room,” recalls Bridge. “I got thirsty so I went to the bathroom and stuck my head under the tap to get a drink. The receptionist saw me and freaked out.”

The clinic told Mr. Bridge that he was no longer welcome and must leave immediately or face charges of theft.

“We use that water from the bathroom for our medicine all the time” said “Dr.” Paul Therro. “For someone to come into my clinic and just help himself to what is essentially homeopathic medicine is inexcusable.”

Depending on how much medicine/water Mr. Bridge drank, he could be facing theft over $1000 or the more watered-down charge of petty theft.

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