Over 100 seniors die just years after getting pneumococcal vaccine

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NEW YORK, NY – In a breaking story you won’t find anywhere else, The Science Post has learned than over 100 elderly patients at a hospice center in New York City have died following their pneumococcal vaccines.

“We have over 2100 patients aged 85+ in our hospice system,” said CEO of Senior Advantage Care, Dawn Draper. “We offer them both the seasonal flu vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine when they enter one of our facilities. Yes, we have had over 100 clients pass away in the last few years who received the pneumo vaccine, but that doesn’t mean-”

Pretty incriminating stuff.

Of course, the CDC and FDA are refusing to either comment or investigate the situation.

“This is another classic example of Big Pharma getting away with whatever they want” said Sherri Tenpenny, pant suit connoisseur and anti-vaccine osteopath. “People in hospice care are dying at the same rate as other elderly people, and they are just sitting here doing nothing about it.”

There is currently an Kickstarter campaign set up by anti-vaccine activist Laurie Brownbag, seeking to raise $10,000. It is unclear what she plans to do with the money as she is not connected in any way to this situation. Reports indicate she is hoping to use the money to fly to New York, stay at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and “investigate”.


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