New law makes it legal for atheist doctors and nurses to refuse care to religious patients

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JACKSON, MS – A new law in Mississippi has made it legal for doctors and nurses to refuse care to certain patients on religious grounds .

The law allows medical staff to refuse treatment to members of the LGBQT community on the grounds that it violates their religious beliefs. It would serve to reason this would also pertain to atheist doctors and nurses who could refuse to treat patients who are religious.

“No, no, no. This isn’t the point of the law at all,” said an angry senator Frank Danforth (R). “The law is supposed to protect doctors and nurses who follow the teachings of God and our Lord Jesus Christ from having to treat patients who practice an unholy lifestyle.”

Many doctors and nurses in Mississippi are against the law, but have expressed that they  will also follow it to the letter and refuse treatment to patients who they feel are bigoted against certain lifestyle choices.

“Of course not all religious people are against LGBQT’s, just like not all atheists are against religion,” said Dr. Susan Jewer, atheist. “But if medical professionals are allowed to refuse care on religious grounds, I am more than happy to oblige.”

To date, there have been no reports of atheist doctors or nurses taking advantage of the new law.


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