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New law makes it legal for atheist doctors and nurses to refuse care to religious patients

JACKSON, MS – A new law in Mississippi has made it legal for doctors and.

"The flu shot turned my son straight!" claims grieving mother

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Elaine Smith is beside herself with grief after she believes that.

Area mother claims "the flu shot turned my son gay!"

Local mother Anne Fitzpatrick is devastated that her beloved son, Austin, was turned “into a.

Scientists discover new Homo species: Homo Phobius

Scientists from The Smithsonian Institution announced today news of the discovery of a new species.

Report: Getting divorced 3 times still better for sanctity of marriage than gay marriage

ROWAN COUNTY, KY – In a report released today by The Department of Religion and.

Gay minister refuses to marry straight couple

AUSTIN, TX – Minister Robbie Tobin of Austin, Texas has found himself in hot water.