Merck announces new vaccine against GMOs


NEW HAVEN, CT – The pharmaceutical giant Merck announce today that is has finished development on a new vaccine to protect people against the harmful chemicals found in genetically modified food.

“This is a huge breakthrough” said Merck scientist Dr. Frank Enfoods. “We all know how dangerous GMO food is to the human population, so by developing this vaccine we are hoping to save untold millions of people.”

It is not completely clear how the vaccine actually works, with some saying it is just a placebo to make people less worried about eating GMOs.

“This is complete and utter BS” said anti-GMO and anti-vaccine guru Michael Stevens. “They come out with this bogus vaccine, probably full of chemicals, just to keep us safe from eating other chemicals? It makes no sense.”

Merck insists the vaccine is safe and contains no traces of mercury or aluminum, two ingredients thought known to cause autism in children.

The GMO vaccine, brand name Glyphovax, is set to be available to the public starting early next year.

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