Government debuts AVAERS: Anti-Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC in collaboration with the FDA and the Illuminati has announced the creation of the “AVAERS: Anti-Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System” to track anti-vaccine adverse events.

“The goal is to track and monitor harms caused by members of the anti-vaccine cult” said the CDC and Big Pharma’s Dr. Jeff Dorrin. “We want to know how many people (and mostly children) are being harmed by anti-vaccers.”

The database will go live on September 1st and allow anyone who has been harmed by an anti-vaccer to make an entry.

“This is despicable” said anti-vaccer Joe Mercola. “When parents decide not to vaccinate their kids, the last thing they want is to be reminded that they are more than likely harming their child. For this to be reported in this manner is a clear violation of their rights.”

If you or someone you know has been harmed by a member of the anti-vaccine cult, the CDC encourages you to submit an entry to AVAERS.


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