Google University applies for accreditation, anti-vaccers anxiously awaiting outcome

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA РGoogle University (or University of Google) has applied to the United States Department of Education and The Council for Higher Education to become an officially recognized university capable of granting degrees.

“We feel that so many people, most notably Jenny McCarthy, have already claimed to have degrees from Google so we thought why not make it official,” said Google spokesman Mark Borowitsky. “We are hoping to become a degree granting institution by 2017.”

Many conspiracy theorists,most commonly anti-vaccine advocates, claim to have “done their research” through Google and often claim to have more medical expertise that doctors.

“I have learned more from Googling than an MD learns in 10 years of education. FACT” said Marsha McClellan, anti-vaccine cult member. “I have my fingers crossed that Google gets the approval they are seeking and I can say with conviction that I have a degree in whatever I want, and maybe even a PhD if decide to do that much Googling.”

The science community is somewhat worried about the situation, feeling it may give credence to those who are uneducated in health and medicine, giving them more credibility than they deserve.

“Hey I’m all for people using Google and the internet to do research, but to give someone a degree for reading a bunch of conspiracy theory websites seems a little ridiculous to be honest,” said doctor and blogger Dr. David Orac. “I know Jenny McCarthy already claims to have a degree from there, along with many other anti-vaccers, so this may not change much actually.”

The decision is expected to be delivered before the end of 2016 and anti-vaccers world wide are anxiously awaiting to see if their “research” can finally land them a degree and credibility in the world of science and medicine they so longingly deserve.


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