Children who drink fluoridated water are dying, report shows

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The World Health Organization (WHO) released a damning report about fluoridation of water today, showing that children who drink water which has been treated with fluoride are dying.

The results are even worse than fist thought, as adult and seniors who consume fluoridated water are also dying.

“We looked at the death certificates of over 60,000 people from the Americas, Europe and Asia,” said WHO scientist Dr. Lance Cet. “Over 85% of subjects had consumed at least 1ml of fluoridated water at some point in their lives, from birth to death.”

Epidemiologists are ignoring the report, stating that the results are not statistically significant and the study doesn’t control for confounding factors.

However, anti-fluoride activists and blogs such as Truth Kings are standing by the report.

“This came directly from the World Health Organization, an organization we explicitly trust when they say something we agree with,” said Gary from Truth Kings. “These pro-vaccine and pro-fluoride activists come around with all their book learnin’ and fancy math and try to confuse us. Too bad for them we are awake and not blind sheep.”

The World Health Organization themselves stated the results should be interpreted with caution, as they have also done a study which showed over 85% of people who die in the Americas, Europe and Asia have also seen a sunset.”


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