Child Services investigating parents who refuse to blame vaccines for son's autism

CHANDLER, AZ – Parents of 3 year old Sean Powell are being investigated by Child Health Services after neighbors told police that the Powell’s were not blaming Sean’s autism on vaccines.

“I feel bad for them, but I really don’t think I had a choice,” explained neighbor, Mary Dorey. “They have clearly never read anything on the internet about vaccines and autism, otherwise they would know that 100% of children with autism got it from vaccines. Even the unvaccinated kids got it from their vaccinated parents.”

The Powell’s are reportedly quite confused by the whole ordeal, believing they have done nothing wrong. Sean’s father, Jim Powell, spoke with the media just this morning:

“This is still America, it is my right to choose what to blame or not to blame my child’s autism on,” he explained. “Sean is a great kid, and I don’t look at him as damaged or lost [audible gasps from the crowd]. Sean did not get autism from vaccines. Me and his mother are standing by our beliefs and will do whatever we need to to get Sean back.”

Several anti-vaccine advocates in attendance reportedly fainted after the speech, seemingly unable to handle what The Powell’s were saying.

“They are monsters,” said one anti-vaccer. “Just terrible, terrible people.”

We will keep you updated on any further developments.


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