CDC whistleblower admits scientists destroyed old lunches from breakroom fridge

In a shocking development in the ongoing manufactroversy that is the CDC Whistleblower fiasco, Dr. William Thompson has made another shocking statement:the anti-vaccine scientist has blown the lid off of CDC breakroom politics. Thompson claims that his fellow scientists willfully destroyed several old lunches from the breakroom fridge.

“I regret my role in the whole lunch situation,” said an apologetic Thompson. “But I feel I can’t keep silent anymore. My fellow scientists willfully and dutifully destroyed other people’s lunches which were left for extended periods of time in the breakroom fridge. I also believe that my fellow scientists omitted the fact that several of the lunches belonged to African-Americans.”

While the mainstream media is sure to ignore this shocking and devastating story, the anti-vaccine and anti-lunch cult members are sure to jump all over it.

We here at The Spudd will bring you constant updates as this story develops.


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