CDC scientist admits some vaccine ingredients can be toxic at high enough doses, especially Dihydrogen monoxide

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ATLANTA, GA – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made a shocking announcement today admitting that some of the ingredients in vaccines can be toxic.

“Well, yah, I guess if you had enough of some of the ingredients, it would be considered dangerous or toxic,” said CDC scientist Dr. William Thomas. “But the amount that are in vaccines is so, so small that it simply isn’t dangerous or “toxic” at all.”

Well isn’t that convenient.

One of the main ingredients in vaccines is Dihydrogen monoxide, the very same chemical found in industrial bleach.

“Wow, finally someone from the CDC admits what parents of vaccine-injured children have been saying for years,” said Laura Pantry, anti-vaccine homeopath. “The fact that there are potentially lethal toxins in vaccines and the CDC themselves are admitting it, must be proof enough for parents to stop giving them to their kids.”

Dr. Thomas tried to backpedal, reiterating the point that the dose makes the poison:

“No, no, no. I meant in theory if you drank gallons of some of the ingredients in vaccines, yes you could say it would be toxic. Water is “toxic” if you drink enough of it.”

Water: just one of the deadly ingredients Big Pharma is pumping into our children.


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