Breaking: Pro-vaccine advocate may just like science and vaccines and not be a pharma shill

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Everyone knows that anyone and everyone who defends vaccines and science is a paid shill by Big Pharma, that is just a fact. It has long been established that anyone who defends the science and safety of vaccines (especially in online comments and forums) MUST be paid to do so.

Recently, a pro-vaccine advocate by the name of Mark Sheppard was found to have no apparent ties to Big Pharma, despite repeated investigations by the anti-vaccine groups.

“We will not give up, we will connect Mr. Sheppard to the pharmaceutical industry. We have never failed before,” said Sherri Tenpenny, anti-vaccine cult leader. “We are now looking at Mr. Sheppard’s extended family and Facebook friends. We are certain one of them or something they know, works or has worked for a pharma company. We will expose him for the shill he is.”

Mr. Sheppard was shocked that he is being investigated for being a Pharma Shill, stating that he simply likes science and believes that vaccines are safe and efficacious.

“Honestly, I have never worked for the pharmaceutical industry, not even close. I just really think vaccines are good,” he explained.

The anti-vaccine movement has vowed not to rest until they find evidence for their per-conceived conclusion.


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