Area man forced to bring child to doctor after anti-vaccine Facebook group can’t give him diagnosis

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FAIRMONT, MA – Mark Webber, father of 4 year old Mackenzie Webber, was forced to take drastic action this past week and bring his daughter to see a Big Pharma controlled doctor.


“She had been coughing with a pretty high fever and a really bad rash,” explained Webber. “I had been giving her homeopathic treatments and essential oils as per my Facebook group’s recommendations, but she kept getting worse.”

According to reports once Mackenzie began having difficulty breathing, Webber, against his better judgement (and that of his anti-vaccine Facebook group) brought her to the hospital.

“It turns out she has vaccine-induced meningitis,” said Webber. “I’ll never forgive myself for letting her be around those other vaccinated kids. Even though the doctor said it was impossible, I KNOW she got the meningitis from one of them shedding. Probably from the flu vaccine.”

Doctors are urging parents to bring any small child who has a fever for more than a few days to the hospital, although mostly so they can pump them full of pharmaceuticals and try to give them more vaccines of course; nothing to do with potentially saving lives.

Mr. Webber reported the findings to his Facebook group and they immediately agreed that Mackenzie must have somehow gotten sick because of vaccines….or perhaps she inadvertently ate a GMO.

The group is currently investigating and are reportedly started a crowdfunding campaign for the Webber family to help with their legal fees as they are planning on suing the hospital.


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