Area man dies in tragic skydiving accident after refusing to deploy “non-natural” parachute


A tragic death that could have been avoided has rocked a small town in rural Mississippi. James Deltmor, a local naturopath and homeopathy salesman, plummeted to his death this weekend after refusing to pull the cord and deploy his parachute.

“I knew James a little bit” said local shoe cobbler Dan Garabaldi. “I knew he was all about eating organic and avoiding GMOs and chemicals, but I didn’t think he would take it this far.”

The skydiving school is currently under investigation but says Deltmor did all the proper training and signed a waiver form. Everything pointed to Deltmor knowing the parachute was made of synthetic nylon, and not a ‘natural’ material.

Other naturopaths and anti-GMO advocates are applauding Deltmor for his commitment to the cause, and admiring his act of martyrdom.

“This is the type of commitment we should all be showing” said natural health blogger Skye Moonshadow. “Maybe if more people were willing to do what James did, maybe Monsatan would change their evil ways.”

The Science Post reached out to Monsanto but the evil chemical-food pushers refused to comment, coldly saying that this must be some kind of joke.


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