Anti-vaccine mom blames vaccines after son sprains ankle playing soccer

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CHICAGO, IL – Mary Saunders, 32 year-old mother of Sean Saunders, had her son vaccinated before she had an internet connection and learned the true dangers of vaccines.

This past weekend Sean was playing soccer with his little tikes team The Dragons, when Sean stepped on the ball and rolled his ankle. A mother of another boy on the team is a nurse and tried to help. That’s when Mrs. Saunders stepped in.

“She started to do all the usual Western, Big Pharma influenced health stuff” said Saunders. “I stepped in a pulled Sean away and told her he was MY son and MY property. I brought him home and rubbed coconut oil on his ankle and gave him some homeopathic remedies.”

Sean reportedly had a lot of trouble sleeping due to the pain in his ankle, although his mother thinks he must have been exaggerating since the coconut oil should have relieved most of the pain.

“I can’t help but think this is partially my fault” said Saunders. “I got him vaccinated before I knew all the associated risks and dangers. I know this injury must be a vaccine-injury, but I’m just having a little trouble coming up with a plausible connection.”

That’s when Saunders turned to Facebook and various anti-vaccine pages and groups. Within a few minutes she had her answer.

“Someone commented that vaccines can weaken not only a child’s immune system, but also their muscles and ligaments. That’s exactly what happened to my Sean. The vaccines weakened all the muscles and ligaments in his ankle, resulting in this really bad sprain.”

As of press time, Mrs. Saunders was in the process of filling out a claim on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

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