Anti-vaccers stage walkout at Google University

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Mommy bloggers, anti-vaccine cult members and natural health advocates the world over are mobilizing a massive student walkout at the Google University over the proposed changes to Google’s new search algorithm. Google is contemplating instituting a new search results model which would rank results by accuracy. This is bad news for the natural health, anti-vaccine and pseudo-scientific communities.

“When I search for things like “vaccines” in Google, I want the first result to be telling me how bad vaccines are, not some link to a study or the CDC,” said Sherri Tenpenny, one of the leaders of the anti-vaccine movement. “This is a clear case of discrimination and a violation of my first amendment right to free search resulting.”

Google University is the alma mater of legendary Playboy bunny and anti-vaccine hero Jenny McCarthy, and many parents have followed in her footsteps and graduated from the non-existent university.

It is unclear what the “students” at GU hope to accomplish, but it is believed they would like the exact opposite of what Google is proposing – that is having anti-vaccine, pseudoscience and miracle cancer cures be given top placement in search results.

The Science Post reached out to Google University for comment but could not find any contact information for any professor, dean or chancellor at the school.

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