Anti-vaccers 700% more likely to believe study if shared by anti-vaccine website and contains ridiculous statistic


NEW YORK, NY – In a new study released today, it was shown that anti-vaccine advocates are nearly 700% more likely to believe a study if it was shared by an anti-vaccine website and contains a ridiculous statistic.

“Some of the most shared and believed “studies” on anti-vaccine sites state things like “autism rate will be 100% by 2020” or “vaccines responsible for over 2 million deaths a year” or another┬áridiculous statistic,” said Dr. Neil Stephens, pharma shill. “Anti-vaccine cult leaders like to shock their members with outlandish claims and stats because they know they will eat it up and parrot it across the internet.”

Anti-vaccers have long since been proven to have an aversion to facts, science and truth according to multiple studies.

“We know anti-vaccers are very, very slow to grasp the finer points of chemistry, medicine, immunology, etc. so it’s no surprise that they struggle immensely with statistics as well,” said Dr. Stephens.

While most people would question an outlandish statistical claim in an article or study, it appears as though anti-vaccers will believe it straight away without hesitation so long as it comes from a page or person they trust such as Mike Adams, Sherri Tenpenny or other scientifically-challenged individuals.

“The people I trust are the ones who go against the mainstream, the renegades who are only trying to blow the lid off of the vaccine global conspiracy…and sell supplements to help us all of course,” said anti-vaccine cult member Joe Gooding. “Everyone knows that if someone doesn’t have an online store selling things, they can’t be trusted.”



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